Private Suite

Terminal of the elite; where privacy with all its ingredients is served on a platter. Diwan-E-Prive is designed to overtly bring out our every day guiding principles: purity, transparency, and perfection.

The Diwan-E-PriveAdd-Ons is the icing on top that concludes a memorable pampering experience; you can watch movies, lose yourself in our library of books, or tickle your taste buds with our complimentary edible delights. Every aspect of the salon is crafted to leave you spellbound, imparting you with an aura that stays with you for a long time.

At SINH’s Diwan-E-Prive, stylists have been rigorously trained to give you a unique and personalized experience. Customer wellness is our prime priority and so our qualified aestheticians go a long way into focusing on every individual’s need.Our products are sourced from globally acclaimed brands so as to bring the most superior and sought out services to the table.